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Welcome to CSSG

A relatively new name in the IT industry CSSG offers the latest in technology solutions, products and services based on some very important principles:

  • Service
  • Accountability
  • Value for Money

Sound unusual? Well, you don't have to take our word for it - ask any of our customers and they'll reassure you that we're always willing to go the extra mile; that whatever we recommend; whatever we supply; whatever we do; will do what we said it would do. And we work harder than anyone to make your budget stretch further. CSSG - where IT, service and value meet.

Business IT Support

Organisations large and small rely on CSSG for unbiased, accurate advice; for systems management and for technical consultancy. Our specialist staff have over 100 years of expertise between them and have worked on a huge variety of projects.

Microsoft Dynamics

The success of your company is directly related to the success of the people who work for you. Microsoft Dynamics is a line of integrated, adaptable business management solutions that enable your people to make important business decisions.

Hardware & Software

From PCs for home use to corporate servers and networks we have the skills to deliver hardware that exactly matches your needs. We'll build up PCs or systems that are right for you and your budget - whether you want to spend £300 or £300,000.